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The university certificate specialists....

R & J Framing and Plaques is an established framing and plaque company successfully manufacturing and marketing frames since 1988.

Through a rigorous tendering process, where companies are chosen on criteria such as superior quality, superior range, superior value for money, superior service, R & J Framing and Plaques has been chosen by your university to represent them providing graduation products to past, present and future students.


Tue Oct 03 @ 9:00AM  -  Deakin University  -  Waterfront Geelong
Wed Oct 04 @ 9:00AM  -  Deakin University  -  Waterfront Geelong
Thu Oct 05 @ 9:00AM  -  Deakin University  -  
Sat Oct 07 @ 7:30AM  -  University of Melbourne  -  Grand Buffet Hall
Wed Dec 06 @ 8:30AM  -  Federation University  -  Mt Helen Campus
Thu Dec 07 @ 8:30AM  -  Federation University  -  Mt Helen Campus
Fri Dec 08 @ 8:30AM  -  Federation University  -  Mt Helen Campus
Tue Dec 19 @ 8:00AM  -  Flinders University  -  Adelaide Convention Centre

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